The following methods of attachment are available:

Down: the veil comes straight down from the comb.
This is the only attachment where you can choose to have a comb trim.

Over: the veil comes up from the comb and floats over. This look gives a fuller and higher effect.

Detachable: only available with the "Over" comb attachment. Used with double layer veils where you wish to remove the longer (Chapel or Cathedral) veil layer after the ceremony and photos.

This enables the bride to wear the shorter (blusher) veil layer throughout the reception without the concern of the longer veil layer being damaged or the inconvenience.


Comb Trim

Down combs are available with various trim options and combinations. Three examples shown are crystal, crystal and pearl, and Diamante Wave:

Crystal Comb Trim Crystal Comb Trim Crystal Comb Trim
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