When choosing the length of your veil, please measure down your back to the ground. Comb placement should be taken into consideration as there are three basic positions:

  • High; on the top of the head.
  • Middle; on the back of the head (often just above an upstyle)
  • Lower; on the head towards the neck (often below an upstyle)

The positioning of the veil can adjust the finishing point (length) of the veil.
As everyones height is different, please choose according to your measurement.

Blusher refers to the shorter top layer of the veil, which can be worn down over the face.


  • 70cm
  • 90cm (waist)

107cm (fingertip)
230cm (Chapel)
300cm (Cathedral)


Fullness: Choice is available on single and double layer veils only.
Others are as shown in photos.

  • Slim - 130cm
  • Standard - 180cm
  • Extra - 265cm
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